Dr Dirk Kotze, renowned author of health books on the therapeutic value of vegetable juices, has just released his new book, Get Well with Food and Juices.

This book is a summary of his theory about the value of food as medicine and the importance of a healthy lifestyle that determines the quality of your life.

Dr Kotze did a lot of research on Fletcherism, a way to chew your food to get the most out of it. In his book he describes the immense value of chewing your food properly and the maximum energy and power that you can take out of your food. Is it perhaps a solution to the chronic fatigue and paralysis that we constantly complain about? And what about losing weight?

A very important aspect of food is the choices we make when we eat.  What you eat is who you are and what you can do. The fact that every cell in the body generates its own electricity is a fascinating discovery and put the whole issue of energy in food under scrutiny.

Get Well With Food And Juices is about the importance of the digestion of food and how our body can help in this regard. The emphasis is on raw, natural products helping to fill the body with enzymes.  Enzymes are the catalyst that makes things happen. Food cannot be digested or absorbed, or the residue ejected without certain enzymes.  The body does not recover from disease or build new cells without enzymes. So where do we get extra enzymes?

The answer lies in the use of raw fruits and vegetables, and raw vegetable juices. Dr Kotze gave a lot of attention to the value of vegetable juices combination for certain illnesses. Food can help you to heal – definitely!

The influence of food on your mood is an interesting chapter.  We know coffee is a stimulant and makes you communicate easier, but did you know that a meal of turkey makes you sleep!

In summary Get Well with Food and Juices can be described as good research work on food and disease. The book is written in an easily readable style and contains interesting reading.

“You are what you eat, how you eat, with whom you eat when you eat and where you eat”.

You can buy Get Well With Food And Juices, Click Here.

Get Well with Food and Juices

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